Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hawaii Day 9

All is well. The wave surges calmed enough to provide very good snorkeling. Today we went out to the reef at our favorite beach, we call it the "Private Beach" because it is posted "No Trespassing" but all beaches in Hawaii are public so it is the access that is private. Lots of people use the beach, I think the owners just don't want campers at night.

Today was turtle day. While snorkeling we followed a green turtle for about 10 minutes. He (or she) seemed unconcerned with our presence and more like he (or she) seemed to invite us to follow him (or her). Then after a while of whale watching, it still is whale soup, I went for a walk past the reef on the north side and I saw two turtles in about 2 feet of water. They seemed to be looking for some food and then they swam out to sea. All the turtles were pretty big, probably at least a foot and a half in diameter across their shell.

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