Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hawaii Day 4

Today the report was for high surf and with the girl's delicate skin condition we opted for a ride in the car.

First we went to KMart, Longs, Sports Authority and Ross looking for beach chairs. They were all out. Are you kidding! That's like the ski shops in Utah being out of goggles. They said they stocked up before Christmas and they all went then.

We drove out the Hana Highway past Paia to a local big surf place called Jaws. The parking lot was about 2 miles down a dirt road and that left you 500 feet above the sea. The waves were huge. No one was surfing (I guess the waves weren't big enough). I had no perspective but if I had to guess they were over 2o feet tall.

Then we went back toward Kahalui and stopped along the road to watch the kite surfers and sail boarders. The wind usually blows on this side so this is a popular place for these activities. There were probably 30 people in the water zipping back and forth. They seemed to go out a long way.

All along the way we saw people with beach chairs, Christmas presents no doubt.

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