Friday, January 29, 2010

Hawaii Day 14

Well it had to come sooner or later. No matter how hard we try to put it off, the end of our vacation was coming. Today we fly out. The great thing is that we don't fly out until 10 pm so we can get a sort of full day in.

We went to the beach early this morning, about 9. The surf was up and the water again was too murky for snorkeling. We got in and swam over to the reef and couldn't see our hands in front of us. Not a good way to approach a reef with 6 foot waves.

So we settled in and whale watched. Again it was whale soup, but they seemed farther off. There were a lot of kayakers looking for the whales and we saw some get close. What a show.

The day was clear and we took advantage of it to get as much sun as we could stand. The burn will feel really good in 30 degree weather.
See you all back in reality tomorrow.

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Max said...

Finally, a picture! All that talk about how beautiful it was there - you need to add pictures as you go. Nice stories, though, wish I'd been there...