Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hawaii Day 13

Well we knew it would come, it is our last full day here in paradise. We fly home tomorrow night.

Today was a rough day. The wind was up and the surf was nasty. We went to the beach in the morning and whale watched. They must like the rough seas because it was whale soup again. Nothing close but lots of action out farther.

In the afternoon we went to Eskimo Candy, a very local fish market and deli. It was recommended by some people we met on the beach. It is located in an industrial area down the street from Maui Divers and Gian Don Italian Restaurant.

We talked for most of the day and they invited us back to their timeshare condo at Maui Sunset to show us the set up. It was very nice, well appointed and it was well kept. The management makes all the difference. We learned this from our timeshare in the Lake Powell boat. This Maui condo had a new shower and recently installed murphy bed. The grounds were well kept and the condo had a view of the ocean and Haleakala. They bought a month and come from Christmas to the end of January every year. Sounds good.

I had a bad sinus headache from allergies and we bowed out from an invitation to dinner because of it. The lady suggested I look into a Neti Pot. It is a tea pot looking device that heats a solution of salt and water to irrigate the nasal passages. Sounds clinical but I will try almost anything (short of surgery) when I have a sinus headache. I'm going to look into it when we get back.

In the evening we went out for pizza and watched the sun set. Never got into the water, but like the ski resorts at home, just knowing it was there was enough.

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