Friday, January 8, 2010

Spin the Wheel

Big News Yesterday! Leno Goes Back to Late Night!!!!!!!

I know they are trying to drum up interest in the NBC golden boy but this isn't news. News is current affairs, world events, human interest stories.

So Jay isn't doing as well in prime time as he was in late night. The critics have crusified his show as lacking interest and content. It think it is the same show as late night, its just that in prime time people have more choices.

I'm not knocking the Jay Leno Show, I like watching it, but its like a cream puff, all looks and no substance. I think the jokes are mainstream, the guests always are A list but don't do anything on the show but promote their latest project, and the music is a jazzy version of muzak. And its the same thing whether you watch it in prime time or late night.

Now Jay has negotiated a return to late night for only a half an hour, pushing Conan and Jimmy Fallon back a half an hour. First I don't think Conan is funny. Jay is juvenile in his approach to comedy and Conan makes Jay look sophisticated.

As a side, Jimmy Fallon must be pissed. He has to follow Conan and now he will be a half hour later. I have watched Jimmy Fallon's show a few times and think he is funny, too bad he is on so late. NBC should put Fallon on after the news, Jay after that and let Conan go to another network as he has threatened.

All this was reported on the news channels yesterday like it was of national importance. I know Jay Leno has a lot of pull at NBC and his attempt at a version of the Tonight Show in prime time was a gamble, but I don't see the relevence to the war in Afganistan or global warming. This may be entertainment but it isn't news.

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