Friday, January 15, 2010

The National Stage Brings Out Some Crackpots

The Haitian disaster has brought the best out in some. It brings out the worst in others.

Rush Limbaugh is saying President Obama is somehow racially motivated by his relief reaction to the disaster. That seems really cruel and detatched from any form of reality. Why would you attack a person, any person, who was trying to help others in need. Someone needs to check Rush's medication.

Televangelist Pat Robertson is saying the people in Haiti have made a pact with the devil and this is the consequence. God is about love and caring and so called Christians who take an opportunity like this to admonish someone rather than reach out their hands to help are harmful and not of God.

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Max said...

You know, I agree with Rush on this one. We should just let them dig themselves out of their own Satan-loving hole, just like good ol' G.W. did with those heathens down in Louisana when Katrina hit. Now, there was a GOOD President.
(Ahem, for those of you who don't know me, that is dripping with sarcasm)