Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy New Year. May this year bring you love, joy, prosperity and a sense of wonderment. May you fulfill your wishes and achieve your goals this year. Mostly, may it be a better year than last year.

Frankly I am glad 2009 is over. Financially it was a horrible year. I saw my 401 evaporate faster than the value in my house. Otherwise the year had its ups and downs.

I am also glad the decade is over. Not because of 8 years of Republican rule, ignoring the Constitution and silly foreign policy decisions, but I digress. But because of the name.

What do you call that decade? The "oughts"?, the "2000's"? or the "beginning of the 21st century"? None of these seem satisfactory. Now that this decade is over we can get on to the teens and then the twenties and, well you get it.

The really cool thing is that today is 1/1/10. Enjoy it.

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