Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hawaii Day 1

Ah Yes, our annual ritual of sitting on the beach on Maui to watch whales has begun. Actually we arrived yesterday but since we didn't go to the beach and it did start in SLC with freezing temps and shoveling snow I don't want to count it.

Our condo is acceptable and our rental car is a piece. Now, rather than appointing a car for you they send you out into the lot to scurry around picking the best one. I wasn't that lucky. When I got there my choices were one that smelled like someone had lit a pack of cigarettes on fire in it, closed the windows, in 100 degree heat, and left it for a week. The one we did choose was apparently the lot car. It has 27,000 miles on it. I think this is a lot for a rental. And it has a lot of scratches. Like someone was using it in a domolition durby in the parking lot when things got slow. Not that I am complaining.

Today we went to Costco to load up on the essentials. Food and liquor. I bought the professional size (there wasn't a smaller one - but it didn't cost a lot) and figure if there is some left someone else can enjoy it when I leave. Did I mention it didn't cost a lot.

We also went to the swap meet at the College. It is more like our farmer's market, lots of booths selling everything from carved totems to local scenery paintings. There are also a lot of local produce stands where I got some papayas, a pineapple and various condiments (onions, basel, fresh ginger, garlic).

We are off and running.

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