Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hawaii Day 8

Another day in paradise. Did I mention that its January and it has been about 80 degrees F every day and a little less than 70 degrees in the evening?

As usual I brought way too many cold weather clothes, just in case it gets cold here. The problem is it never gets cold here. They hang in the closet reminding me of the weather back home. I think I'll hang my swimsuit next to my coats when I get back to try and stretch this wonderful memory out a bit. Next year I'm bringing only shorts and T-shirts and no socks.

When we got here we bought fins, snorkels and masks at Costco. The past few days the surf has been high which has churned up the reef, making visability poor.

It continued today. The surf wasn't as high as the past few days but it was still enough to cut visability over the reef to almost nothing. We went out and swam around for a while but I only saw a few fish that were less than 5 feet away.

We had to settle for body surfing the 4-6 foot waves and laying under the umbrella (another Costco treasure) listening to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole sing an island version of "Over the Rainbow" and other Hawaiian songs. Still no socks in sight.

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