Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hawaii Day 12

We are almost done with our vacation. I'm just getting settled. I could stay another month or so.

Today we went to the beach early because we thought the surf was going to be down and the snorkeling would be good. No such luck. The surf is up and the waves are at it again, about 5-10 feet at our beach.

Luckily the whales were active and we spent most of the time scanning from breach to breach.

We did get in the water and swam out about 100 feet but the water was murky. It was like what I imagined it would be swiming in the dark. You couldn't see more than a few feet beyond your hand. My wife lost her mask and snorkel in the surf because the waves were so rough.

We met a couple who had been there for a month and said they thought the surf was unusually high and constant for this time of year. They also said the whales came earlier than usual and were more active then usual.

That's the way it is, this isn't an amusement park, you take what you get and enjoy the fact that you are blessed to be here.

This afternoon we got another show. About 100 yards off shore to the far left of the beach we caught sight of a baby jumping. Then mom jumped. They proceeded to do this for the next hour as they moved across the beach about 100 yards out from left to right. The baby jumped more than 20 times, the mom maybe 10. I guess it is more like an amusement park than I thought.

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